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Angry Middle Aged White Guy

You want to know one of the things that’s really pissin’ me off these days? It’s the way the phrase “angry middle aged white guy” is being thrown around.

I’ve been called an “angry middle aged white guy” many times, but that hasn’t bothered me so much as the frequency that it’s being used in general these days.

It’s one of those great defense mechanisms. If you’re not a white guy, or you’re a white guy who doesn’t like what another white guy says or stands for, you call him an “angry middle aged white guy.”

How screwy is that?

There’s nothing better to shut down dialogue than accusing someone of being a racist or an “angry middle aged white guy.”

That’s what it means. By calling someone an “angry middle aged white guy” you’re basically calling him intolerant, and that’s what really bothers me. The meaning behind it, the intent in using it, the double standard it represents and the basic acceptance of it.

Would it be acceptable to use the term “angry middle aged black guy, or “angry middle aged Asian guy?” You know the answer. It’s a flat out no!

If you used the above terms you’d be accused of distinguishing between races. You’d be told there’s no need to add the race part to the accusation, “angry middle aged guy” would be enough.

But when it comes to adding “white guy,” for some reason it’s OK, and this leads to another dose of irony.

I’ve often been told that when “white” is used in a phrase it’s acceptable because of all the years of oppression that white people have inflicted upon every other race on earth.

Hey, I’m not going to argue with facts, but what I will question is what is to be gained by catching up or getting even, because that’s what it is.

If we’re told on one hand that distinguishing people by race is wrong, why is it OK to throw around the term “angry middle aged white guy” on the other?

If distinguishing people by race was wrong in the past, why is it OK now? Seems rather regressive to me.

Believe me, I know how this works. There are people who are going to read this and twist it into something that it isn’t. They’ll probably accuse me of being an “angry middle aged white guy because I don’t like being called an “angry middle aged white guy.”

But that’s OK, because I can look in the mirror and be proud that it hasn’t shut me up.