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David Suzuki’s plan to save the world unrealistic

Once in my life I had the (pleasure?) of meeting David Suzuki. Suzuki is one of those guys who walks into a room and immediately you’re somewhat intimidated by his assumed intelligence. I’ve seen his television shows and there’s no doubt that he can push a point of view and make it sound like there’s no alternative, no other side, no other story.
Well this week I’ve lost a lot of (if not all) respect for the man. He’s going across the country with a bus tour with the purpose of getting Canadians to wake-up to climate change. I don’t know if its Suzuki’s strategy, maybe it is, but he’s coming across as an arrogant and rude know it all. Maybe that’s his method of getting people to buy in, but it’s having the reverse affect on me.
He’s giving people shit at every turn with a total disregard for reality. The reality that people have to live and work and feed their families and pay the bills. It’s easy for the financially independent Suzuki to tell people to change their lives tomorrow, but in reality, it can’t be done.
Even John Tory, the right-wing head up his ass mayor of Toronto has come to the conclusion that the Suzuki’s plan to save the world isn’t realistic. There are too many jobs on the line. Toronto’ can’t conform and Sudbury can’t conform at the speed Suzuki thinks it can or should. I’ll go back to a point I made in prior writing. Whenever anyone questions climate change or the Kyoto protocol (The Paris Accord) whatever, they’re accused of being shills for the oil industry. It’s like calling someone a racist, just to shut them up.
I wonder who Suzuki is a shill for. Who’s paying for him to storm into places demanding things change immediately without a realistic game plan? And who’s paying for the Five large Prevost diesel busses idling out side, Every City Hall, University or Country Club he speaks at?
I’d like to know who’s really behind his crusade and I question the timing since Ontario and Alberta have just implemented a Carbon Tax. To embrace the science of climate change is cool, to question it is to be an enemy of the planet. Yea, I wonder who’s paying Suzuki?