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Sudbury Butt Pigs

I saw it again today. Somebody standing in front of the drug store. He finished his cigarette and threw the butt on the ground before stepping on it.

I’m stupefied by this because I’m convinced a lot of the people who throw their dirty cigarette butts on the ground are the same people who probably wouldn’t throw a McDonald’s bag on the ground.

It’s a funny thing about smokers, there seems to be a disconnect with their filthy butts. Of course there are exceptions to every rule – but I’ve seen people I know and love dearly commit this double standard. They would no sooner think of opening their car window and throwing an empty water bottle on the grassy part of land beside a sidewalk, but they don’t think twice about dropping a cigarette butt on the ground.

Like it’s connected to the size or something. A little tiny cigarette butt isn’t going to make a difference.
Well in reality, a cigarette butt causes way more environment damage than a paper bag or a water bottle. A lot of today’s paper decomposes rapidly and water bottles can actually be picked up. Cigarette butts lie there. Often unnoticeable unless you’re in one of those areas where there are hundreds of them. And you know what? They can take up to four years to decompose.

Smoking is disgusting enough without smokers throwing the results all over the place – and it’s an epidemic. From my experience, I’d say the vast majority of smokers are sloppy with their cigarette butts. They just drop them or throw them where ever the hell they feel like it.

Yet they wouldn’t do the same thing with other forms of litter. Crazy.

A few weeks ago while I was in Toronto I was exposed to the ultimate example of hypocrisy.
A young man in Nathen Phillips Square had a soap box and was preaching his thoughts and opinions about Oil Pipelines. I thought it was something put together by the NDP or Green party. I never did find out if it was and official party outing or just a group who supported these parties.

He wanted everyone’s opinion, so I took to his soapbox, and to tell you the truth I was both eloquent and convincing, however it did not sit well with the group of Green’s and Socialists who were in attendance. Yes, he wanted everyone’s opinion but only if he liked it, and after I gave the young man my opinion he immediately accused me of being a politician. It was hilarious.

Anyway after I expressed my thoughts I was immediately attacked by a young woman who was beside herself with frustration. She wore a jacket with a Green Party badge on it and held a cigarette in hand. She didn’t like what I had to say, and she was convinced to say such things I must have been sent there by the Conservatives.

And at the end of the diatribe she took the smoke from her mouth, dropped it on the ground and stepped on it.

I probably don’t have to tell you that the topic of the conversation changed on a dime. A Green Party member had just dropped a cigarette on the ground and I thoroughly enjoyed the hypocrisy. When I pointed it out to her she stuttered and stammered and claimed she always holds on to her butts and this was an exception.

“You hold on to your butts?” I asked.
“Yes” she said.
“And when you hold on to them, what do you do with them, where do you put them?”

She couldn’t answer. It was unbelievable, she couldn’t even come up with another lie, but she did have a side-kick with greasy hair and bad teeth who stepped up and backed up her claim that she always holds on to her butts.

It was pathetic – much like anyone else who throws their stinkin’ butts on the ground.

  1. keith 2 years ago

    Luv it! I was walking out from the store the other day when I saw a young lady throw her butt out of her car window, I was so tempted to go pick it up and give it back to her and say “excuse me mam but it looks like you dropped this”.

  2. Rivers 2 years ago

    But if people stop throwing their butts on the ground in Sudbury what are all the homeless people going to smoke…!?