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The trouble with PETA

I was following a thread on Facebook on animal abuse on a movie set and the so-called hypocrisy of a group called PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was put on the spot. And it was posted by some uneducated blind supporter who felt all warm and fuzzy because they wanted to save animals.
What do you get when you put the word ethical right in the name of your group? Ethical means moral or proper. Now this differs for every person. Its like saying your Pro Choice or Pro Life, everyone is pro choice and pro life its whether you are for or against abortion. And of course, who wouldn’t want to treat animals ethically.
Now PETA is a group who will protest in front of animal shelters in major cites all over North America. I don’t think Sudbury is on their target list, however, I have been wrong before.
For the most part many shelters promote adoption, spay and neuter programs and some have now become non-kill shelters. They are needed, but what are shelters to do, send all the animals into the streets? Even the aggressive ones? These shelters are the repository of society’s ills.
But hey, that’s not good enough for one sided mindless people who protest with PETA.
Here is a group who says it wants puppy’s and kittens and cows and chickens and pigs to live a happy and long normal life. Hey and that’s a beautiful pipe dream if I ever heard one.
On the other hand, it tries to achieve this goal by harassing, intimidating and threatening people and by funneling money to people who strike matches and throw bombs. I think PETA should stand for People for Extortion Terror and Abuse. But wait before you try and jam your vegan diet down my throat, know PETA is the largest animal rights group in the world with over 1,000,000 members. How crazy can a million people be right? Think about that for a moment, and you will get your answer.
They operate like a cult. And of course, they try to use mind control, they show sensational images and video. Awful and horrific pictures. And yes, sometimes these things happen and they are evil. However, there are federal groups in place to stop it. But just because these acts are evil does not mean that PETA’s acts of insanity are good.
PETA’s fearless leader and founder Ingrid Newkirk, is quoted as saying animals are todays slaves. There is still people around the world being kept in slavery. Do you really want to equate that world-wide shame to chickens? They have a truly offensive campaign called the Holocaust on your plate. Its where they juxtapose images of Nazi concentration camps beside images of live stock farms. They believe the way the Jews were treated during this time is no different than slaughter houses.
Hey after all the Jews were cremated and chickens are barbequed, hey we at PETA see no difference. I know it’s a disgusting reference but then I didn’t say it. PETA did.
I don’t like to use the Nazi analogy but PETA uses it against all of us.
With all respect, chickens are stupid. Very stupid. PETA loves animals and not humans that’s why its so trivial for them to use images of the holocaust. Processing animals for food is not a pretty picture, but isn’t that an aesthetic point and not a moral one? If your eating meat your part of the problem. If you can’t stand the meat get out of the kitchen. Just don’t blow it up because you don’t like my lunch.
The PETA you don’t know would outlaw fishing, circuses, dog shows, horseback riding and zoos. Oh, and they would ban guide dogs for the blind. In a PETA world, there is no Kentucky Fried Chicken or Kentucky Derby. Bye-bye Shamoo, Sea Wold is gone. And don’t you dare put honey on your toast in the morning because even bees are persecuted by the man. Sorry little Jimmy, no gold fish for you. That’s right NO pets, not even a hamster. So, if you’re a pet owner and donated to PETA, you’re a hypocrite.
PETA is a group who will protest anything to do with animals because they believe in the “total abolition and liberation of all animals”. I will assume, Ingrid must have gone to college, because that’s the only place you would learn to say something so stupid!
If you think Jews and Palestinians have a hard time living next to each other, what about Pitbull’s and bunny’s. The battle of the West bank is child’s play compared to wild animals running amuck.
Then there are the groups PETA supports quietly like the A.L.F (The Animal Liberation Front). Earth First Movement and Sea Sheppard. These are groups who say Violence and Non-Violence are not moral principals, they are tactics. Ethical my acing ass.
Then there is the most notorious terrorist, sorry tactician of them all, Rodney Coronado. He fire bombed a Michigan State University research lab in the name of animal rights and has publicly admitted to six other arsons. But the crazy thing is, in the U.S. governments sentencing memorandum, the U.S. Attorney wrote that there was evidence Ingrid Newkirk was associated with the crime. Do I have any proof? Well because PETA is a tax-exempt organization their tax returns are a matter of public record. In the tax year ending July 1995 there is a notation for $45,200 to the Rodney Coronado Support Committee. The same Rodney I spoke of earlier.
Rodney is the type of guy who teaches students how to make Molitoff cocktails. And Ingrid has been quoted saying “Rodney is a fine young man”. Once again ethical, my fat ass. PETA directly advocates their direct action, which is basically vandalism, arson, property damage and violence as a means to achieve their reforms. When you use these tactics to achieve reforms, that’s terrorism.
Then there is Medical Research. PETA violently opposes the use of animals for medical testing. Without animal research, we have no bio-medical science or public health. It has been stated we could lose up to 85% of medical progress from this point forward. Essentially medical research would come to a halt. We would lose everything.
Over 20 Million people today in North America are type A diabetic. PETA’s vice president Mary Beth Sweetland is one as well. In order to stay alive, she injects herself everyday with insulin. Which was developed using medical research on dogs, nothing wrong with that, right? She admits her “medication may contain some animal by-products but, I don’t see myself as a hypocrite. I need my life to fight for the rights of animals”.
Not a hypocrite? Your group supports people who fire-bomb facility’s where animal testing is conducted while using the very same benefits of animal testing to live your own upside down, house of cards fucking privilege life.
Let me be clear, I’m all for treating animals ethically but millions of people are alive today because of research and medical testing on animals. And I would personally kill every monkey on the planet today with my bare hands if it would save the life of one street junkie. There is no hypocrisy with me, I’m just saying like it is. I only ask you, do your own research before you copy and paste some garbage you found on Facebook.
No animals were harmed in the writing of this story. Well except for the Bacon and eggs I had for breakfast or the Kentucky Fried Chicken I had for lunch, or the prime cuts of steak waiting to go on the BBQ. But other than that, its all good.