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Time to pack it in NDP…

No doubt about it, these tough economic times are giving a lot of companies an excuse to downsize.

After making bad investments and horrible decisions a lot of big boys who sit at the top are using the so-called bad times as a cover to get out from under the misery they caused long before the economy was an issue.

It’s despicable, but its reality and if it’s going to continue to happen I recommend that the Ontario New Democratic Party take a long hard look at this angle.

What better time to shut down an irrelevant and useless party than right now.

The provincial NDP party leader Andrea Horwath replaced the pylon that was Howard Hampton. He was at the helm for what seemed like 400 years, He took his sorry act into the sunset with virtually no accomplishments that he can point to, and now Andrea might want to think of doing the same.

But she’s not entirely to blame. The whole socialist NDP movement is a dead dog not only in the province, but right across the country.
It’s time is done. Socialism doesn’t work and unfortunately neither do some of the people who blindly support the NDP.
Horwath is a bad leader, who often makes no sense while making all kinds of wonderful statements and promises while knowing she would never have to enact them, however, it’s not all her fault.

Her big brother Tom Mulcair can take a lot of the blame.

As much of a wingnut as Horwath is, Tommy is an even bigger nut who did quite a bit to turn off the people of Ontario.
Tom learned how from his predecessor Jack Layton. He watched Jack’s whack job attempt at over-throwing the Harper government a few years ago. It was the final straw in the eyes of many and reduced the NDP to something that should be thrown into the back of an old pick-up and taken to the dump.

Make no mistake about it, the ripple effect has hurt the Ontario NDP Party so the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Andrea Horwath to say goodbye and start collecting her bloated yet undeserved government pension.

And that’s why it’s also good time to shut down the whole mess.

Use the economy as an excuse. Say these tough economic times make it difficult for the party to go forward with their support never lower, and their resources never thinner.

Pack it in, say goodbye and blame everything but the truth.
The NDP is irrelevant – and nothing proved it better than the by-election in Sudbury
The NDP finished behind the Lying Liberals once again.